There are several walkers that you can either draw them to you slowly or take them out all at once.  

If you attack, you fight them in a single small horde of 3.  You can search right after and get a hunting rifle.  Next, you fight a single zed and can either continue to fight or fall back.  If you fight, you will encounter a small horde of 3 zed, then a small horde of 2.  Afterwards, you recieve a motorcycle helmet,  a water bottle, and posslbly some random items. 

If you draw them away initially, you have to fight a series of zed to continue:  

  • A single zed
  • A small horde of 2
  • A small horde of 2 and a single zed 
  • A small horde of 3 and a single zed

Afterwards, you can search and pick up the hunting rifle , ammo, motorcycle helmet, water bottle , and a compass.