Here, you get to search a truck for a random amount of 5.56 ammo, search a front loader for a pair of leather gloves, and search a trench for a shovel.  


When you leave, you will notice a survivor--you can use binoculars to get a better look.  You can either leave him alone or fight him to get a random amount of 9mm ammo (usually over 50) and a submachine gun.  He fights with the submachine gun, so drop him fast or you will probably get shot to hell.

Update May 24, 2015: Talking to him will result in no fight and, if there is a reward to killing Joe, no reward. You can ask him to join up with you, but he is paralyzed from a gunshot and won't join you. You help him get to cover and he tells you he has seen marauders going around that are almost as bad as when the zombies first appeared.